The Road to Recovery: Life in Sacramento, CA after Addiction

Choosing addiction recovery is both scary and exciting, often simultaneously. While many individuals who are newly sober would likely admit to feeling grateful and relieved to be where they are, the newer ways of living aren’t always easy. This choice is perhaps the bravest a recovered addict can make: staying clean and recovered.

Contrary to what it may have felt like in your darkest days of addiction and sadness, there’s hope, and life does get better. Feeling in control of your own path again and reconnecting with family members are only a couple of the advantages to pursuing recovery. But what else can you expect to encounter along this route?

The process of recovery is no easy road, as any addict (recovered or not) can attest. But is the effort worth it? Let’s find out.

What Freedoms Will You Enjoy?

After you complete drug rehab, life can feel overwhelming, but it can also feel extremely freeing. Here’s some of what to expect during this time:

You’ll be Giving Yourself a Fresh Start

Think about the fact that being an addict wasn’t your proudest moment in life. It was more than likely your worst point. You jeopardized your health, job, and relationships. You might have even suffered irreparable damages along the way.

Fresh start
Happy woman


Recovery can help you realize, that although you may not be able to undo every mistake, you can increase the chances of doing better in the future. This process involves self-forgiveness and the admittance of past mistakes.

Certainly, the idea of having a new beginning appeals to you. But this will require no longer beating yourself up over your past wrongdoings and transgressions. What will this actually do for you other than making you miserable?

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Successful recovery involves acknowledging that everyone deserves another shot at happiness. But keep in mind that this isn’t a passive commitment. You can’t only say that you forgive yourself. You’ll need to work hard to reach your goals and rid yourself of residual guilt.

The rewards you receive will directly correspond with the effort you put into them. Rehab can help you get the tools you need to do this.

Pride and Dignity

This feeling might scare those who are hoping for a quick and easy fix to their lives. But that’s not how recovery works. You spent a lot of time building your bad habits and must now spend a lot of time rebuilding the new. But consider this, you’ll now be able to feel proud (rather than ashamed) of what you put into your time and efforts.


Finding new Interests and Talents

Stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction, many individuals who are new to sobriety might still hold beliefs about being worthless or doomed to fail in life. They might even think that they aren’t deserving of happiness or success. With an attitude like this, it can feel impossible to try new things or allow space for new talents to emerge.

Learn more about the stages of change in recovery by watching this video.

Stepping Outside Your Safe Comfort Zone

A lot of recovered addicts are so happy with sobriety, that they might get stuck in a comfort zone, instead of branching out to discover new challenges, like picking up a skill, switching jobs, traveling, or meeting new friends.

Although this method of sober living isn’t inherently wrong, it’s limiting. Sobriety can be much more than just avoiding getting stuck in addiction again. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit ruins in South America or pick up the guitar. Now is your chance! You’re never too incapable or old to try something new.

The biggest obstacle to new and exciting adventures is in your mind. Without committing to improvement, these dreams are impossible. Commit to recovery, however, and they’re again on the horizon if you want them to be. Let us help you achieve this!

The Chance to Live with Integrity:

Although a lot of your time in the past involved searching for your substance of choice, recovery gives you a new perspective on life. Just being sober is a tremendous accomplishment in itself, but this is only the beginning. Sobriety lets you rediscover your values and meaning in life.

Committing to living in a new way gives you the gift of life with integrity. This part involves acting in ways that align with your core values and beliefs and meaning what you say.

It means that when you say you’ll do something, you’ll do it.

The Challenges of Committing to This Path

Of course, there are going to be times that effort is painful and choices are tough to make. These situations might feel intimidating and foreign to you, completely different than the concerns you had from the depths of your addiction. You might even find that the right choice is not obvious and you need to seek support or advice from other people.

But as tough as it gets, you’ll know that you’re living with integrity and in the best way possible. This benefit is something that you could never have said like an addict. In recovery, you will know that when you commit to something, you’re going to do it even if it requires many efforts.

The Beginning of Recovery

They say that the hardest part of sobriety is the very start; staving off cravings and staying away from bad influences are just the beginning of sticking with your new plan to stay sober.

The Cravings may Never Cease Completely

For some people, the cravings might never stop altogether. But they’ll lessen and become far more bearable in the future, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re strong enough to say no to them. Figuring out how to prioritize staying clean over getting high is one major lesson that addicts struggle with initially.

You’ll get better at resisting cravings with practice. You can read more about how to resist cravings here.

Recognizing the times that you have fallen short of your goals and learning how to keep trying are also essential to making a full recovery from addiction. Rehab will help you do this.


How to Reconnect with Life as Something Precious

Recovery offers you more life than addiction ever could by helping you see that every action you take matters and counts. Even your thoughts determine the path your life will ultimately take. Stuck in substance addiction, we’re cut off from feeling alive and are instead trapped in our illusions and shortsightedness.

Saying Yes to a Chance at Happiness

Happiness can be an elusive thing and is defined differently by each person. But when you make a commitment to recover and thrive rather than merely exist, what you’re aiming for is true happiness and meaning.

This feeling doesn’t mean you won’t ever get upset, grow disappointed, or have bad days. Rather, it means having an overall feeling of peace and contentment. It means truly appreciating life and knowing that you can handle whatever it throws at you with strength and dignity. This possibility is for you!

You can rediscover what it means to see life as a child does, finding joy and delight in the smallest things. Recovery will help you discover what being truly alive is again.


You can adequately prepare to face your new life after addiction with professional assistance. Getting into a drug rehab facility will enable you to find your purpose in getting clean. It’s no secret that the life of an addict often feels hopeless and dark. Some even believe that they can never find happiness again, or that they’re doomed to be miserable for the rest of their lives.

Treatment starts the process of undoing these assumptions and finding fulfillment. Thousands of people find their way back from addiction and you can, too.

Enrolling in rehab can start the process of giving your life meaning apart from drugs or alcohol.

Call now to get started with this exciting process. Please comment if you have any additional thoughts or recommendations to add.