Whether or not to enter rehab is probably one of the toughest choices you can ever make in your lifetime. That’s why it’s crucial to have all the facts before you choose. You already know you’re tired of the life you’re leading, but what benefits can checking into a treatment center really offer you? Is it worth the money?

Although self-induced recovery can happen sometimes, it’s far less likely to succeed without an official program. There are countless benefits that you can receive when you go through rehab that simply cannot be given to you anywhere else. These benefits exist on three different levels: emotional, psychological, and physical.


A More Comfortable Detox Period:

Someone who ceases their use of alcohol or drugs will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. One option is going the “cold turkey” route, but a certified facility (such as an inpatient rehab in Sacramento, for example) can help you make this more comfortable.

The support offered will help you not only with comfort and ease of transitioning into a clean lifestyle, but having medical professionals around means that they will recognize any risk factors or physical threats that pop up. This difference could save your life!

Imagine being surrounded by calm and quiet, able to finally focus fully on getting better instead of being pulled every which way by your typical schedule. A treatment center offers you the peace you need to work on what needs to be worked on most; your recovery.


A Lowered Risk of Overdose:

An addict attempting to quit at home is at a heightened risk of overdose due to changing tolerances and relapses. Having professionals help you taper off or quit the drug will prevent this risk.

You will be working with medical experts who have handled others in your shoes many times before with great success. This is a safe environment where overdosing on drugs no longer has to be a fear. Let them help you get clean and healthy.


A Less Tempting Environment:

When an addict is enrolled at an addiction treatment facility, they are not in the environment that led them to the substance originally. Anything from visual stimuli, smells, or sounds can trigger you to want to use again.

Not to mention the fact that oftentimes, friends or even family members can influence you to use or relapse when you’re trying to quit. Sometimes, a simple text message or call can throw you off track, even when you had the best intentions, to begin with.

Substance use has become your reprieve from the world; your sanctuary, but there’s another option available to you. Being at a rehab cuts out these external factors so you can focus on getting better.

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Stress Management:

Stress plays a huge role in relapse and being at rehab reduces or even eliminates this factor. At these facilities, you can avoid the triggers that usually lead you to use and experience an environment free of temptation.

You need help dealing with not only immediate cravings but also future complications or relapse risks that might come up. This is nearly impossible to do on your own. In the normal, everyday world, you are surrounded by stress, and often getting constantly hassled. This makes the next fix almost irresistible.

Here, in an addiction treatment facility, there are no fights with co-workers and no children screaming or demanding things of you. You have a safe space to get clean and get healed. You can then return to the world empowered to start making the right decisions for your health.

Most addicts have never been given a fair shot at learning effective stress management techniques, which makes quitting alone very difficult. A treatment center sets you up for success and gives you a buffer between the world and you. Give it a try!



Therapy Options:

When you suffer from both a mental health problem and a substance abuse issue, it’s known as a dual diagnosis. As an addict, perhaps you have never even been properly evaluated to find out the root issues underneath your use. In rehab, you will be offered this chance.

Dealing with alcoholism or substance addiction is already hard, but suffering this on top of underlying mental health issues makes getting back on track seemingly impossible without the right resources. Thankfully, there is help available and with the right support, you can reclaim the life you’ve lost.

Most rehab centers (especially inpatient facilities) will offer psychological therapy options. This can present a whole host of opportunities to address what led to you using in the first place and how to prevent it in the future. Without these tools, relapse is a constant risk.

At this stage, you can address the way you’re currently transitioning to a clean lifestyle, go over your history with substances, and outline a clear plan of recovery for the future. No two individuals are the same, so you will require a personalized treatment plan that only medical addiction treatment can offer.

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Emotional Advantages:

A huge part of recovery is fixing the emotional coping mechanisms and pain that exists underneath the addiction. Addiction is often the direct result of behavioral or emotional problems since the substance offers temporary relief from painful thoughts or emotions.

Many facilities focus on mental or emotional benefits. The only way you can stay off a substance after quitting is to get to the root of the issue and built healthy coping mechanisms. Rehab can be your method for doing this right.

Drugs and alcohol provide the illusion of emotional safety and inner-peace, but treatment programs can show you how to find it without those crutches. Learning how to think more positively is one example of a skill you could pick up in rehab.

You already know that your addiction is causing pain to both yourself and your family members, so it’s time to take action and get the help you need. Wouldn’t you like to be a trustworthy and joyful person again who others can rely on? That life is closer than you think.

The Future you can Have

Imagine facing a stressful situation and knowing that you can handle it with poise and confidence, without needing any external substance to get through it. This is the life that is waiting for you. Many people change their lives every year by getting clean and finding purpose in life again and you can be a part of that.

We know that life can feel hopeless in your situation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many different options exist for treatment, such as a local inpatient drug rehab in Sacramento, or an outpatient program, if that better suits your needs.

Take Action

If you’re reading this, you’re already ready to make the change you know needs to happen. You are tired of being sick, unreliable, lonely, and depressed. Take the next step to get your health and life back on track. Rehab is one of the biggest decisions of your life and can be a true turning point.

After you do decide to take the plunge, there’s more you need to know. Read more about how to have a successful outcome in rehab here.