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Nobody ever intends to become an addict, so how does it happen? There are many different reasons for this. Perhaps you (or your loved one) has some unresolved trauma from the past and alcohol or pills seemed like the only logical solution, or maybe you even started off with a legal prescription and soon found yourself hooked.

Addiction doesn’t Make you a Bad Person

Addiction can steal the life from even the strongest, most reliable people in the world, and often without warning. Before you even have time to suspect it could happen to you, you’re dependent and feel like there’s nowhere to turn. Perhaps you even feel shame due to this problem and don’t know where to go for help.

Finding a Drug Rehab in Sacramento

While researching the best route to take in this situation, access to the right information can be difficult, especially in a larger city. Perhaps you need rehab for pills or are seeking an alcohol rehab in Sacramento, specifically. Either way, we can help you with that.

Medication Abuse in the United States

A survey conducted by the NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health) in 2011 found that nearly 25 million American citizens over 12 had used illegal drugs within the last 30 days before the study. This is a serious issue and receiving the help you need is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, simply deciding that you don’t want to abuse a substance anymore is often not enough and even that step doesn’t come easily. The fact that you’re reading this article at all probably means that you’ve already suffered greatly and perhaps have even lost relationships along the way.

Is Drug Rehab Right for Me?

Choosing whether to enter rehab or keep trying to get sober on your own is complicated. How are you to know when rehab is the right choice? Some substance abusers begin their recovery independently without rehab, but most will relapse. If you yourself have already tried multiple times to recover, rehab could be for you.

Look over the following questions and if you recognize yourself in them, it’s time to take the next step and find a recovery program to help you get back on track.

Sad Woman

Are you Dependent, Sad, and Broke?

Addiction works in stages and nearly always ends in being broke, lonely, and dependent. It often involves borrowing money from others, losing your job, and spending all day obsessing about when you can use the addictive substance again. If this sounds familiar to you, rehab could be your next step.

Drugs can worsen existing mental issues, causing depressive episodes and harmful mood swings that increase the risk of suicide. According to research, substance abusers and addicts might be up to six times likelier to commit suicide. The rate of suicide for untreated addicts might be up to 45 percent.

Bad Behavior

Do you Need to Get Away from Bad Influences?

If you want to quit, but are surrounded by constant temptation on a daily basis, you need a safe space to start recovering. The right environment is everything for learning how to live a clean life and rehab can give you the tools you need to do so. Certain harmful activities, such as driving while high or drunk, are easier to engage in with friends who do the same.

Keep in mind, however, that some programs are short and that you need to plan for how to keep your life clean once rehab is done. This can involve moving somewhere new or creating rules for yourself that you will stick to once you get back home.

no idea

Do you have No Idea Where to Begin?

If you want to get better, but have no idea where you should start, rehab might be the answer you’ve been seeking. There are recovery meetings almost everywhere, but maybe you don’t know how to find one. Or perhaps you know where they are, but don’t feel comfortable with that environment.

Rehab provides you with another way to fix your life and stay on a clean path. But you are the only one who can commit to this path and make the changes needed. If you’re tired of using and ready to get clean, but aren’t sure where to begin, a treatment facility could be your next step.

Are you at Risk for Significant Losses?

You probably need to think about rehab if you have suffered significant losses or are at risk for serious consequences. Being addicted to a substance often leads to the following events:


Financial troubles and debt.


Losing custody of your children.


Separation or divorce from your spouse.


The loss of your job.


Eviction and homelessness.

Maybe you have already lost your kids and are on the rocks with your spouse. Perhaps you just got fired from your job and it provided you with the wake-up call you’ve been needing.

Whatever the case, if you encounter any of these or other meaningful losses in your life, don’t give up! Rehab can be what you need to get back to a better place. In the case of voluntary rehab, you have a choice to remain anonymous during the process so your employer or landlord will not find out (which can lead to a risk of discrimination).

Is your Health in Danger?

Many substance abusers have health issues that are directly related to their use. If any of the following symptoms seem familiar to you, it’s time to seek treatment:


Dramatic changes in appetite or weight.


Loss of memory and impaired judgment.


An increase in your blood pressure.

Without treatment or intervention of any kind, the above symptoms can turn into more serious conditions, like damage to your liver and kidneys, abnormalities in your heart’s function, seizures, or brain chemistry changes that could result in hallucinations, paranoia, and depression.

Don’t Let This Go Untreated

If you allow these complications to continue untreated, you could suffer overdose, which kills 120 U.S. citizens every day, according to research. In addition to being at risk for this, you could experience life-shortening and painful health issues later on. Think about checking into rehab to stop this problem in its tracks, before it’s too late.

Although no program can absolutely guarantee recovery, it can give you what you need to beat this addiction. This isn’t the life you have to live anymore. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to do this on your own, and there’s no shame in that. If you are tired of being an addict, let us help you find the answer.

How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost?

No matter what type of budget you’re working with, there’s a rehab center out there for you. Let’s look at some of your options:

Cost of Inpatient Rehab Centers in Sacramento, CA

On average, inpatient rehab in Sacramento can cost around $6,000 for 30 days of treatment, and more well-known facilities often cost around $20,000 for 30 days.

For clients needing longer programs (such as 60 or 90 days), averages range from $12,000 to $60,000. These are usually suited for more severe addictions.

Cost of Outpatient Rehab Centers in Sacramento, CA

Outpatient programs are better suited for mild or moderate users and cost less than inpatient programs. Some cost around $5,000 for a 90-day program, while others might cost closer to $10,000. The price really depends on the amount of time you need to spend at the center.

Certain rehab centers, such as luxury options, require stays of at least 45 days and tend to be on the pricier side. However, some may benefit from this type of environment. Read more about the differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment centers here.


Is it Worth the Money?

These prices may seem expensive at first glance. However, rehab doesn’t cost nearly as much as an alcohol or drug addiction does in the long run. Drug and alcohol users have a harder time keeping a job and as their tolerance grows, require more and more money to feed their addiction.

Thankfully, your insurance will likely help you cover the cost of rehab. The bottom line is that your recovery is worth more than any amount of money. The price of legal issues, health problems, and being miserable all adds up over the course of your life. Read more about how much addiction ends up costing here.

What Should I Do?

When you are looking for addiction or substance abuse treatment, it may appear that receiving treatment at home is the easiest and most logical approach. You might worry about being away from family or missing work and school. Plus, it can be frightening to be away from familiarity in this difficult time.

There’s also convenience to consider and local treatment programs offer this by being closer. But traveling provides some benefits to become aware of, depending on your situation. For you, getting away from home may help. Especially when being at home presents more temptations, traveling for rehab can help you disengage from your habits.

Rehab Center

Finding the Right Center for you

One main reason that people travel to go to rehab is that the centers near them don’t always give them what they need. Studies show that people will remain clean for longer when they enter a program with a dedication to complete it and stay with the program the whole way through.

Since no single method works for every addict, the center that provides this for one may not be suitable for another. According to research, addiction treatment is far more likely to help someone recover if that treatment is tailored specifically to the individual, which might require traveling to find the right place.


A Chance to Focus Completely on Recovery

The necessity to focus entirely on getting better is another reason why some travel to get treatment. Staying at home can distract you from what you need. For certain people, to get completely immersed in their rehab program, it helps if it’s far from their typical everyday stresses. A new environment can help you to focus completely on recovery.

Partner support

A Lowered Risk of Relapse

Certain people have an increased risk of relapse due to being closer to their family or social circle at home, or simply by encountering everyday situations at home. If this applies to you, your treatment outcome could be greatly improved by leaving these circumstances and devising methods for coping with these triggers before going back home.

Travel to rehab

A Chance to Protect your Name

Another reason why people travel to go to rehab is to protect their name or reputation. If you have a high-level career or lead a high-profile life, you might fear losing your job or reputation by going to rehab. By taking some time off and traveling to a center in a different city, you can maintain your privacy and prevent embarrassment or other complications.

Should I Travel to a Drug Rehabilitation Facility?

Families everywhere trust rehab centers with the most precious resource imaginable: their loved one’s future. These facilities, staffed by experienced professionals, can help make the process run as smoothly as possible. If you’re tired of being addicted and trying to recover only to end up back where you started, it’s time to make this necessary change.

Your future and life depend on it. By checking into rehab, you get…

Proven Methods for Recovery

This decision about getting clean is too important to leave to chance, and the statistics for recovering on your own are not very promising. Rehab will give you proven methods for recovering and living a clean life. It also offers you…

Feeling Safe

A Safe Place

Sometimes, all you need to get a fresh start is a safe place to get your head on straight. Not to mention that, depending on the substance, detoxing at home can be downright dangerous. Rehab facilities offer you a chance to get back on track and secure your happiness for the future.

Happy Future

A Chance at a Future

Rehab gives you something that nothing else can; a chance at a healthy and happy future. No matter how far off that seems right now, it’s only a call away.

You are the only one who can decide if rehab is the right choice for you, but if this article resonated with you, the answer is pretty clear. You are only given one life, one body, and one future. If you are ready to make the changes necessary to start living a full and fulfilled life, call now.

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Addiction harms you and your family, so it’s time to stop and get some help. Planning this can be overwhelming to most people, so it can help to have some assistance. It’s time to stop being indecisive and doubtful about your future. If you have already made it this far, you’re ready for the next step; a clean, sober, and fulfilling life. Find out what your future can hold by calling (916) 229-9970.